One Company for All Your High Voltage Needs

At Electek, we offer a complete range of high voltage services from designing and
commissioning start-ups, to testing and updating existing infrastructures. So, whether you’re setting up a new system or need assistance with an emergency outage, we’re here to help.

Cable Fault Locating

With our state-of-the-art TDR and thumper equipment, our cable fault location service is the fastest solution to get your plant or equipment back online when you discover a fault.

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Commissioning and Start-Up

Our commissioning and start-up services have been designed not only to check the facility and equipment, but to also troubleshoot on-site and prevent any faults from delaying the start of production.

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Engineering and Design

Whether you need to retrofit legacy equipment or design a new protection system, our Engineering and Design department is incredibly well-placed to handle all of your demands.

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High Voltage Testing

With state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained crew members, our High Voltage Testing service identifies and deals with any failures quickly, accurately and efficiently – preventing costly downtime or getting you operational again as quickly as possible.

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Designed to detect any issues and prevent any interruptions and breakdowns, our Maintenance service aims to ensure complete continuity of service and operation, without unnecessary outages or downtime.

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Renewable Energy

Whether you’re looking to commission a new renewable energy system or troubleshoot an existing system, our team  of highly-trained professionals have been the first choice for Canada renewable energy providers for the past [xx] years.

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